Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Star Word 2018 - Coming

Another year, another word.  This is only my second year to have a word.  I got so comfortable with my 2017 word "guidance"  that I was sad to see it go.  But I was also excited to see what the new word would be.  At first I was disappointed.  "Coming" is such an average word. 

I told everyone to start by asking God about their word, but I didn't.  I didn't even say thank you to God.  I probably wouldn't have meant it anyway.  Instead I went straight to the Bible app on my phone and searched.  This caught my eye:

Suddenly I remember what I've been telling people every Sunday in December - Advent means coming.  Jesus is coming!

My husband reminds me that the word also relates to another preaching theme from my past - showing up.  He says I'm very good at showing up.  Mostly he's right.  If it's on my calendar, I'm coming to it, because I have learned that attendance is the key to success.  I learned this lesson the hard way back in Jr. high when I got sick and missed a bunch on school and I lost a key role in a project the class was doing.

I do still kinda wish my word was more interesting. Maybe I could change it to "becoming"?

No, I'll stick with it.  God says he's coming.  Something will happen.  And Carl Sagan agrees.

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