Monday, June 1, 2009

Bible in 90 Days

I first saw the challenge on Bible Gateway. The banner ad said, "Do what 75 million people dream about: Take the Bible in 90 days challenge, June 1 - August 29." (You can check it out here.) I'm not sure why that caught my eye. Maybe because that is almost exactly how much time I have before I start grad school? Maybe because having just finished a degree in literature, I want to try reading the Bible fast enough to get a better sense of the broader themes?

Since I became more serious about my faith 7 years ago, I have read through the Bible twice. I read a little each day, sometimes a chapter or two, or sometimes considerably less if I'm struck by something and decide to stop and pray about it. I have learned a lot about God in the process, but by the time I get to the end, I've long forgotten the beginning because of the great amount of time that has passed. So I am curious to see if my perspective and understanding change as a result of a faster read-through.

I'm also intrigued by the prospect of a 90-day read-through because this semester I read Kant's essay, "What is Enlightenment" and strongly agree with his suggestion that we need to develop our own understanding without having to rely entirely on someone else's guidance. Similarly, I think Kant would agree that we need to know the Bible for ourselves, not just through what others have told us about it. And knowing the Bible enables us to know God more directly, which is ultimately what we're all seeking. I'm hoping the faster read will help me to know the Bible better, and, as a result, to know God better, as well.

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