Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bible in 90 Days - Day 2

It's only the second day and already I've learned some important lessons. One is that I can't lollygag around about getting to this reading! The first day I took my time about starting into quiet time, read my usual devotional books and then started on the 90-day reading plan, only to be interrupted because my time was up and my walking partner was ready to hit the track. When I got back, I tried to go back to the reading and was interrupted again and again because now the world was awake. So today, day 2, I got up early and started with the 90-day reading first instead of last. It's 8:15 and I'm done, yay!

As I read today, I found myself wanting to write about some of what I was reading, which was something I had stopped doing over time but hadn't understood why. I think the reason is that I used to read with the intention of reading until something struck me, but over time I had fallen into a pattern of just reading one chapter a day. Now, reading more, I realize that I need to remember to expect more from my reading and not just settle for a chapter and no response.

These are some of the passages that struck me today:
  1. Genesis 17 & Circumcision--How odd that must have seemed to them. They were all adults! Can you imagine Abraham telling these men to do this? "Here, cut this skin off me, will you?"
  2. Genesis 19 & Sodom--The Sodomite men wanted to have sex with the two angels and Lot considers that worse than offering them his virgin daughters. Hmmm.... Also, it seems this is what prompts the angels to make up their minds about destroying the city.
  3. Genesis 25 & Wife #2--I never realized that Abraham remarried after Sarah died and had 6 more sons!
  4. Genesis 21 & 25 & Ishmael--God promised to bless Ishmael because Abraham asked him to, even though God made him send Ishmael away, and then Ishmael had 12 sons, just like Isaac did, and those sons became 12 tribes, also just like Isaac's sons. I think that's the last we hear of them, though.

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