Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Milestone & A Prayer

The Milestone
If you have been reading my weekly sermon posts here, thank you so much for reading!  My sermons are now being posted on our new church website

The Prayer
Today I am inspired by this prayer that I found in the literature I brought home from the CREDO conference last year:

Holy God, be in my mind that I might let go of all that diminishes the movement of Your Spirit within me.
Discerning God, be in my eyes, that I might see You in the midst of all the busyness that fills my life.
Loving God, be in my heart, that I can be open to those I love, to those with whom I share ministry, and to the whole human family.
Gracious God, be in that grace-filled silence that lies deep within me, that I might live in Christ as Christ lives in me.
by: Rev. Canon James C. Fenhagen

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