Sunday, November 9, 2008

If Henry V Worked At Starbucks

(Speaking with gusto and dramatically gesturing.) How now, my good man, what say ye?! Yes, we have seen better days, but we shall have the greater share of honor! For these are the times that test our souls, that tear at the very fabric of our being as we face our mortal enemies and stand before our God and Lord King! …what’s that? Thou wouldst like a venti decaf mocha? Well then, by God, thou shalt have it! For thou hast touched my very soul with thy passion for it! And wilst thou be having whipped cream with that? Yes?! Very well, my good man, a venti decaf mocha with whip shall be yours! And shall we stiffen thy drink with extra shot? We shall, indeed! Cheers, sir, that’s the spirit! That will be three and fifty-five coin, if you please! Cash? Aye, very good, sir, very good! All that glitters is not gold, now, is it? Nay! Indeed, kind sir! Anon, on to thy mocha! For Starbucks is the nectar of the gods and we are the gods of this world! Do not shirk from thy mighty beverage, but stand strong and firm, that all might see thy mettle this day! We shall face our foes with courage, we band of brothers, for he that drinks this hearty brew this day shall be my brother! …and, my sister! M’lady, what say ye this day?! …a Frrrappucino! Well chosen, your ladyship! And it shall be as frozen water to the starv-ed snake! Herein lives wisdom, beauty and increase! Evermore shall thy dalliance bless our humble souls!

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