Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Dear God,Thanks for everything! In a year where Christmas couldn't be about presents because we had no money, thank you for helping us to see how you are working in our kids and in each other, and how one of the greatest parts of Christmas is sharing each other's joy. Thank you for showing me that to really know your love, I have to know your people. Thank you for all of them and all the amazing ways you are working in and through them. Thank you for being able to see the wonder and power of your light in new ways and for knowing that the depths of your endless love go so far beyond our comprehension that even just a little is tremendous. Thank you that you are always there and always true, and that Christmas is so wonderful because in it we see that you are so amazing. And thanks that Christmas is so great because, as you commanded the Israelites, we celebrate what you have done for us in the event by which all time is measured, the day when you came to earth as Jesus. And thank you for your grace which is beyond amazing!

My new favorite acronym:
Grace = God's Riches At Christ's Expense! (Rick Warren)

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