Friday, December 28, 2007


Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18

This is our path, continually seeking to grow towards God. And he draws us to him, like the sun draws the faces of the flowers and the trees stretch their branches out to its rays. We lift our faces and our hands up to him as we worship and he blesses our turning to him. We lift our hearts to him each morning as we seek him in prayer and through his word and he blesses us with understanding and a deeper knowledge of his ways and his love.

But I am easily distracted. As I walk from one room to another on my way to get something or do something, I see something else that needs doing and, stopping to do it, forget where I was headed. I think my days with God are like this, too. I start off each morning turning my focus toward him, but the lessons of the morning do not often last far into the day as new things take my thoughts on to more mundane matters.

So what’s the fix for this? Is there a fix for this? I know how to get back on track each morning. How far do I wander off in the course of the day? I have had times where the activity of the day is also about seeking God—writing a Bible study, preparing a worship service—so that the distractions were also pointing me to God. I have sought to get to a place where those are my job, but currently they are not.

There are times in the midst of the day when my thoughts turn to God because I know I have just had a thought that is something he’s been teaching me not to think, and I immediately reign in that thought and pray for forgiveness. There have been some days where I have felt called to pray hourly for a particular issue, and those days I am able to follow through, although often with just a little less regularity than I planned.

Overall, then, am I growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus? Yes, I think so. I feel like I have learned a lot, and been blessed by his presence and the knowledge of his love.

I like knowing that my day comes to a close with another opportunity to seek God in his word when Rob and I read our daily devotional together in bed. I think that’s a big part of why all this works. God has given us people to help keep us on the path. Not only Rob, but most of our friends also encourage us in our walk.

So we reach deep for his living water and stretch up to the light of his glory and he feeds us and helps us grow day by day more and more pleasing to him. Praise God!

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