Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So I was thinking...

…In a trail that goes from Moses’ prayer for favor and God’s presence (Exodus 33), to Perry Noble’s story about arguing with God about paying for the dinner and how he knows he can expect great things from God, to Jesus with Peter and John on the mountaintop where Peter wants to build booths (Mark 9)…about how we get glimpses of God’s glory…

…by seeking Him
Seeking to be pleasing to Him
To find favor with Him
That His presence might go with us
…By our actions
…and our words….thoughts…..prayers….songs

…Seeking to see Him enthroned on our praises
To see Him at work in each other
To help each other to see Him and know Him

Our hearts deep down long for that face-to-face, mountain-top experience of His wonder and magnificence that we can’t fully realize until we are in heaven,
when we can praise Him without restraint and without end.

But for now, we hang on to those moments to remind ourselves where we’re heading
…our destination
…the goal of the journey


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