Friday, May 25, 2007

The Story Behind Noon At Night Films

A little something I wrote for a magazine that was considering doing a story on this:

Seneca, SC—Noon At Night Films is the unique pairing of a business man with a background in cinematography and a creative man with a love for telling stories. One has been in South Carolina for a long time, and the other for much less time, but both are very happy to be in such a beautiful place doing what they love to do.

The business man is John Braddock. John has been busy in the financial world for many years, selling securities, managing transactions, and doing all the sorts of things that this entails. Along the way, John also had the opportunity to work as a cameraman on some projects you might recognize: Backdraft, Blues Brothers, and Les Miserables, to name a few.

The creative man is Rob Krabbe. Rob has written a large variety of stories and other things over the years, and filmmaking was the next logical step in his love of storytelling. One day, over a really good cup of coffee, he showed one to John, and John saw that it would be worthy of the silver screen. Thus a partnership was born, and a need for much more coffee.

John and Rob are like many independent filmmakers out there—they are in love with storytelling first and foremost. What makes them unique is that they are doing it in Upstate South Carolina with an eye for developing a new industry in this area that they have both come to love. And, as Noon At Night Films, they are making films that tell good, edgy stories without flying in the face of good, old-fashioned family values.

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