Wednesday, August 9, 2017


There was some great stuff going on this past weekend.  I’m realizing today that I caught almost none of it in pictures.  If I could go back, here’s some of what I would have captured:

• Dinner out with Rob’s parents at a Mexican restaurant in Lyons – all of us sitting around the wooden table strewn with baskets of chips, glasses, plates, napkins, bowls of salsa and cheese, smiling, laughing, chewing.  We were surrounded by empty tables in a room made warmer by the dark red walls.  Over our shoulders there was the silent screen flickering with scenes from a soccer game somewhere in the world.

• Grandma’s birthday party – Six-year old Raegan brought party hats, pompoms, endless energy, and a vision for being a one-woman party.  She danced.  She sang. We watched, envious of her energy, worn out from trying to keep up with her.  She danced and sang some more, skirt twirling, hair flying, feet in the air, arms outstretched, concentration written on her face.

• Sunday morning worship – First day with new sound equipment.  Lots of music filling the room.  The brightness and energy of people gathered for worship.  In a moment of quiet prayer from the pulpit, I glanced up to find the looming, serious face of Max. “Rob says to turn on your pack.” Then he turned and hurried back up to the sound board, as I continued praying, looking down at the wood grain surface covered with papers holding my notes and prompts, illuminated by the book light.

• Communion – standing at the communion table covered in white cloth and set with plates and cups and pitcher, glancing down to see my daughter Tess crouching behind the table, holding up the microphone with the fluffy purple cover.

• Sitting in my office with the installation team – Mary, Dick and Lara sitting in the couch and chair in front of the bookcase; Jim, Christian and me standing – Jim talking, the rest of us listening intently. That’s what I remember most vividly, but this group should have been in a group shot on the sanctuary steps.

• George Blake – the person I only knew from Facebook and Rob’s high school stories, now face-to-face at church to join the installation festivities.  This one should have been a selfie with me and George and Rob, or maybe just George and Rob.

These are just a few of the many pictures we might have taken.  What images have stuck with you from recent days?

"I'm a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Images."
--Temple Grandin

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